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  • dobscha james r.

    James R. DobschaDaniel AshleySibali DebnathBrandon HirschSamantha R. SchreckeMu-Hyun BaikPeter OrtolevaKrishnan RaghavachariThe Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • dobscha susan 0

    does the library model fit the needs of patrons of computer technology in.Susan DobschaBentley College.
  • sk dobscha

    does not reflect the actual current impact factor. Publisher conditions are .Bibliography: leaves 41-43.Robert D. KernsSteven K. Dobscha.
  • s dobscha

    201614-doi:10.1016/j.jpain.2016.01.428Dobscha SLovejoy TMorasco BKovas APeters DWilliams JMcFarland BElsevier Inc.Journal of Pain.
  • dobscha s

    2017213-/react-text react-text: 87 /react-text [Show full abstract]doi:10.1016/j.jpain.2017.02.134T. LovejoyM. DemidenkoB. MorascoT. MeathS. Dobscha.
  • Does Mode of Contact with Different Types of .

    Teo AR1,2,3, Choi H4, Andrea SB1,2,3, Valenstein M5,6, Newsom JT7, Dobscha SK1,2,3, and Zivin K5,6,8,9 (2015): Does Mode of Contact.
  • dobscha s k - Prevalence of depression and anxiety in .

    Ganzini L, Goy ER, Dobscha SK (2008) Prevalence of depression and anxiety in patients requesting physicians' aid in dying: cross sectional survey. BMJ.
  • Prevalence, assessment, and treatment of mild .

    Carlson KF, Kehle SM, Meis LA, Greer N, Macdonald R, Rutks I, Sayer NA, Dobscha SK, Wilt TJ. Prevalence, assessment, and treatment of mild .
  • s. k. dobscha

    Deyo RA, Smith DH, Johnson ES, Donovan M, Tillotson CJ, Yang X, Petrik AF, Dobscha SK. BACKGROUND: Opioid prescribing for noncancer pain has .
  • Association between substance use disorder status and pain-.

    Morasco BJ, Corson K, Turk DC, Dobscha SK. J Pain 2011;12(3):3529. Epub 2010 Sep 20The goal of this study was to examine relationships .
  • (490) Development and preliminary evaluation of an.

    201514-The flow of marine traffic can be controlled by carrying out assessment and.Morasco BJ, Greaves DW, Lovejoy TI, Turk DC, Dobscha SK, Hause.
  • s. k. dobscha

    SK DobschaBJ MorascoMI DemidenkoTHA MeathTI LovejoyPainPainManchikanti L, Vallejo R, Manchikanti KN, et al. Effectiveness of long-term opioid therapy .
  • Sustainable consumption

    How can we live in a way that meets the needs of the present generation.Susan DobschaJim FreundWilliam E. KilbourneMichael G. LuchsLucie K. Ozanne.
  • hf dobscha - Blast furnace cooling plate

    2008119-Assignee: Dobscha, Herman F. Primary Class: 122/6B International Classes: C21B7/10 View Patent Images: Download PDF 2311819 PDF help Descrip.
  • Patterns and correlates of medical cannabis use for pain .

    doi:10.1016/j.genhosppsych.2017.11.001Nugent SMYarborough BJSmith NXDobscha SKDeyo RAGreen CAMorasco BJGen Hosp Psychiatry.
  • f. x. dobscha

    F.X. DobschaJournal of Petroleum TechnologyMahoney J V,Stubbs P B.Effects of a no- proppant foam stimulation treatment on a coal -seam degasification .
  • Clinical Outcomes of Integrated Psychiatric and .

    200861-This study suggests that integrated care can be provided to chronically . Dobscha, S. K., & Ganzini, L. (2001). A program for teaching .
  • dobscha susan

    doi:10.1007/s10551-018-3795-4Giana M. EckhardtUniversity of LondonSusan DobschaBentley UniversitySpringer NetherlandsJournal of Business Ethics.
  • dobscha s k

    Dobscha SKMorasco BJPubMedJournal of opioid managementMACEY T A, WEIMER M B, GRIMALDI E M, et al.Patterns of care and side effects for patients .
  • dobscha s k - METHODS

    Steven K DobschaRose CampbellBenjamin J MorascoMichele FreemanMark HelfandDepartment of Veterans Affairs (US).
  • dobscha s.

    Available research does suggest that patients with chronic pain and comorbid .Morasco BJ, Lovejoy TI, Lu M, Turk DC, Lewis L, Dobscha SK: The .
  • jr dobscha - Shape-Persistent Anion Receptors

    doi:10.1016/B978-0-12-409547-2.12517-XJ.R. DobschaY. LiuA.H. FloodReference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering.
  • dobscha s k

    doi:10.2196/10078Teo ARLiebow SBChan BDobscha SKGraham ALJMIR PublicationsJMIR Mental Health.
  • s. k. dobscha

    Dobscha SK, Corson K, Pruitt S, Crutchfield M, Gerrity MS Behavior Health and Clinical Neuroscience Division, Portland VA Medical Center, Portland, .
  • Systematic review of multifaceted interventions to improve .

    Williams J Jr, Gerrity M, Holsinger T, Dobscha S, Gaynes B, Dietrich .What can we say about mental health court today? Psychiatric Services, 64.

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